Our Story.

About Sharptop Studios.

Sharptop Studios began as an exploration by two friends. Jared Hall is a creator, he loves making new things come alive. Thomas Oshida is a precisionist, he takes care with each actuation, makes sure every image is pixel perfect. Both are seasoned professionals and veterans to real estate and architectural photography. Together they scoured the web for examples of real estate photography, and were amazed to find that most real estate photographers merely document properties, snapping shot after shot of the same room and giving nothing to the viewer but a vague sense of layout. Sharptop Studios aims to go above and beyond the norm to provide photography of the highest caliber, and connect to viewers through a vibrant experience.

Our Mission: Artistry in Composition,
Excellence in Lighting, And Vibrancy in Color.

Less Is More.

Our approach to home photography differs from other photographers. When people view our photography, we want them to feel transported to your home. To accomplish this, we don't merely document the look of a home, we capture its character. We treat each shot with precision, achieving artistry in composition, excellence in lighting, and vibrancy in color, ensuring that the end result presents your home at its finest. We consider ourselves not just photographers but portrait artists, treating your home like the most glamorous of fashion models.